The internship

The required engineering internship is an important part of your study program. It provides an insight in working in the Civil Engineering field and may impart some new knowledge that can be helpful for your studies.

At TU Darmstadt usually most of the exams take place during the lecture-free time so that it might not be possible to do the internship while studying. For this reason it is recommended to complete the internship before starting a study program.

Additionally, we recommend (especially if you want to study Civil Engineering) to complete part of your internship on a building site.

If you still want or have to do the internship while studying, it is possible to take a semester off.

For more information visit the pages of the Internship Offices:

Possible contact point for internships

Here are some contact points for finding the right internship:

Guideline for internships

In general the guideline of the internship regulations of TU Darmstadt applies. If you are not sure whether your internship meets the requirements for your study program, click here.

Special Case: internship as scientific assistant

If you want to do your internship as a scientific assistant, the following points must be observed:

  • Your duties must not be doctrine related or a pure copy job.
  • Your employment has to last at least 2 consecutive weeks.
  • It has to be a full time job.
  • Project-based function for instant is approved. Some examples:
    • working at the treatment plant in Eberstadt
    • working in the laboratory of the Institute for Geotechnics

If you are not sure whether your job meets the requirements, it is necessary to talk to the Internship Office in advance.

However the Internship Office advises to complete the internship outside the university.