Wer sind wir

Who are we?

Students‘ Council, that’s you!!!

In general the Students‘ Council consists of all the students of our department. In other words, all the students studying Geodesy and Civil Engineering as well as Environmental Engineering are part of the Students’ Council.

Each Students’ Council at our university has students’ representatives. Concerning our Students’ Council we have representatives at the Students’ Representatives (German: Fachschaftsrat FSR). We also send representatives in the Faculty Council (German: Fachbereichsrat FBR). Those representatives are voted by the student body of one department, or to be more precisely: all of you.

The representatives of the students campaign for student matters in several institutes, in our department as well as in university wide organizations. Furthermore, the Students‘ Council is responsible for parties taking place in every semester, the introduction of freshmen respectively the Orientation Week (German: Orientierungswoche OWO). Another important duty is the simplification of studies.

All in all, we are a combination of creative and dedicated people who always need new support in fulfilling the variety of tasks. Without the efforts of the Students’ Council, in our opinion, studies would be more complicated. Thus, we hope for your help (elected or not).

If you have any questions or problems concerning your studies, you can contact us any time. Office hours are set every semester. You are warmly invited to our General Meetings as well as to parties organized by us, e.g. summer or winter parties.

Kind regards, your Students’ Council