Faculty Body

The Faculty Body is the highest body of the Civil Engineering and Geodesy Department. All important decisions are discussed and every committee presents their work progress. The responsibilities of the FBR comprise appellate report, study programs, personal data, finances and much more.

The decisions and votings of the FBR represent the general position of the Department; this is why the FBR is one of the most important bodies.

All status groups – professors, research assistants, administrative-technical-employees and students – are represented in the FBR. Although the meetings are public sessions where everyone can participate in discussions, only elected members have the right to vote. The student body is represented by 5 elected members and therefore has 5 votes in every voting.

The dean invites the members and leads the meetings. Altogether the FBR meets about 3 times during the semester, usually on Wednesdays at 4pm.

Here are our student representatives.