Studying abroad

Information about studying abroad

The departments’ homepage offers some information about “studying abroad”.

Erasmus- Program

The Erasmus-Program addresses all European students and links together all universities in Europe. The Department of Civil Engineering and Geodesy has built several co-operations with universities from different European countries. For a stay abroad you can apply precisely for one of these universities. Furthermore, you are able to choose the length of time you want to stay abroad in order to create your perfect exchange experience. Since the number of applicants is currently very low, it is most likely to get in the Erasmus-Program.

Application papers, experience reports and further information you can find on the following pages:

Infos Auslandstudium allgemein

Das ERASMUS-Austauschprogramm

Don’t miss an excellent chance of gaining unforgettable experiences abroad and apply now!

Double Degree Program

The Double Degree Program enables students to receive two academic degrees – one at TU Darmstadt, the other one at one of the partner universities. The major time of studies will be at the home university, in this instance in Darmstadt. This is followed by three to four semesters at a selected partner university. Finally, a student receives both the German and the foreign degree. For students who would like to complete two degrees in a short amount of time, the Double Degree Program should be considered.

For further information check out this website: Double Degree Program

Recognition of courses

To ensure the recognition of courses taken abroad, you should talk to the corresponding professors in advance and discus the courses you are going to take abroad. If a professor is willing to accept a course as being equivalent, you should ask for a written confirmation before going abroad. This way you won’t have any problems in the recognition later.

If you forget to talk to your professors in advance, you can always try to ask for recognition after your stay abroad.

Here you can find a recognition- formula.