Elections of TU Darmstadt

On this page you learn all about the import things for the elections of TU Darmstadt.

The election is always expected to be in the summer term.

How do you vote?

Elections at TU Darmstadt are very similar to regional or national elections. Each student of TU Darmstadt has the right to vote and receives a voting certificate at the beginning of the particular summer semester. On election dates, each student will get their ballot paper when handing in the certificate. The ballot paper shows the different candidates one can vote for. The voting itself happens privatly in a polling booth.

Who will be elected?

Elected are: the Faculty Board, Students Council and the Students’ Parliament (“Studentenparlament” STuPa).

Why should you go voting?

You should go voting to strengthen the rights of students – and therefore yours. By voting you show your support for the Students Council and its work.

Remember: without the Students Council there would be:

  • noone who cared about your study related problems
  • no uploaded exams for preparation
  • no mentoring system
  • no field trips
  • no orientation-week
  • no new equipment for the PC pool
  • no parties
  • no summer-/ winter feast
  • less study spaces

Furthermore, a high turnout means a higher weighting of student concerns and better study conditions.

Some examples of good study conditions achieved over the years:

  • RMV semester ticket
  • a voice in university policies
  • locations for students, such as the “Schlosskeller”